Employee Communication

  • Onsite new hire benefit orientation meetings
  • Annual employee open enrollment meetings
  • Benefit fair
  • Benefit plan summaries
  • Universal benefit card
  • Company password protected benefit portal

Administrative Services

  • Onsite training of company contact
  • Nine Dots will process all new hire paperwork
  • Claims and administrative intervention
  • HR Forms Library

Outsourced Services Available

  • Health Savings Accounts
  • COBRA Administration
  • Flexible Spending Account
  • HR Consulting
  • Online Enrollment
  • Employee Database
  • Compliance and Best Practices Review


Benefits are only a "benefit" if your employees understand them and how to maximize their value. Ask us how we accomplish this!


We provide HR support to our clients through ThinkHR ensuring best practices for you and your team!


Tools and Technology aimed to help you manage your benefits.


Our approach is to work with the employer on the corporate financial planning and budgeting aspect of the benefit plan, and then to properly educate and empower employees to make the best choices for their individual situations. Most of our employer groups offer a PPO and Kaiser, and most pay for a “middle” option and allow employees to upgrade or downgrade at their own discretion. Education is the key to success and we take great pride in this aspect of the work. Ask us about our proprietary software and technology communication tools to help you get the most out of your benefit dollar!

Human Resources

We provide HR support to our clients through ThinkHR.


  • Telephone access to certified HR Consultants to advise and answer questions.
  • Grow your business with industry-leading training and HR solutions.
  • An integrated suite of HR knowledge, compliance tools and training solutions .
  • Forms library
  • iPhone and Android app for your HR department.


Benefits Retrieverâ„¢ App

Access benefits information from your iOS or Android device!

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